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To you,

Personal happiness begins within; it blooms from how we water and feed our minds along with our bodies. People have a habit of cutting off communication with their bodies & listening to others. We relay our sadness, issues & problems to our friends and family in hopes that their advice and previous experiences will show us the way. But little do we know, all we are doing is putting our health in the hands of others.

After years of hearing 'headaches run in the family,' 'just take an OTC,' or 'the pain will go away eventually,' I decided I had enough of NOT doing my own research on a holistic lifestyle. Pain or discomfort is how our bodies communicate with us and I made the decision to listen instead of ignoring it or covering up symptoms with medication.

After being under the mentor-ship of an amazing chiropractor & wellness coach for 5 years, I was introduced to a world of natural healing. My eyes were opened to that fact that we only get ONE body in life. It is up to us to listen to it, give it what it needs, feed it nutrients, & uplift ourselves mentally. It is our responsibility to take care of our bodies on all aspects in order to live life in the most optimal & happiest way.

I wanted to do more than just take care of myself. Molding my own temple was just step one. How can anyone teach what they do not actively live themselves? I had the urge to plant seeds of healing to everyone I encountered that had the same mindset I previously had on health care.

I am beyond blessed & thankful to have been able to be in a chiropractic environment with a willing doctor/teacher. Not only did it give me a new outlook & help me heal, it pushed me to pursue massage therapy with so much accumulated knowledge already.

My mission: to push my clients to transform their toxic living, mentally & physically. To take what I've acquired and share it to each client is what motivates me.

One person at a time, I plan to help people cultivate a self-care regimen. How do we expect our bodies to work for us, day in and out, and not care for our muscles, de-stress our minds and release restrictions? That is where massage therapy comes in. Welcome to my world of body therapy. I hope we meet soon.

-Gigi, LMT

He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything
— Arabian Proverb


600-hour Massage Therapy Certification : Lotus School Of Integrative Therapies (2014)