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To be able to ignite the flame of healing under my clients is why I do what I do. To teach them more about themselves, to show them pain is not the 'norm,' to see that 'ah-ha' moment when they get it. Self-care. After cultivating 5+ years of holistic information under my belt, I want nothing more than to spread my knowledge of a natural approach to healing. I do this because I have experienced the power of massage first-hand. I would be honored to be your self-care therapist, to help you align: mind & body.

Relieving Restrictions to Enhance Life

Improving Movement

Mind & Body Connection


Taking care of yourself is something that would seem to be easy but is one of the hardest concepts for people to grasp. By putting your well-being first, you are deciding to tackle life at your best.

When you take the time to block out everything in your constantly wavering environment to heal, you are taking one of the steps to improving your outlook on life. 

I don't plan to only help in healing your problem areas, but to introduce to you a mindset of self-care that you can carry on for the rest of your life. Incorporating massage therapy into your self-care regimen is monumental. This is what I believe in, now let me show you. 

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