Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger points can best be described as spasms or knots which form in the muscle that cause pain in the localized area or refers pain to other parts of the body. The area may be sensitive and/or tender when compressed. Anyone can be affected by trigger points; they are formed from muscle overuse and/or repetitive motions. Posture can also cause muscles to form trigger points when put in positions for extended periods of time.

Communication during the session is essential in Trigger Point Therapy as I will be determining how best to treat your sensitive areas. Whether your pain is acute or chronic, if knots are building we can help to release those. By getting rid of trigger points, movement can be restored,with pain and inflammation decreasing.

These sessions do have a more intense pressure than a Swedish massage but that does not mean PAINFUL. As stated before, these sessions get the most benefit with active communication between client and therapist. Expect deeper glides, ischemic compressions and holds to lengthen your muscle, decrease pain and deactivate your trigger points.

Stop living with those knots holding your shoulders up to your ears, you don’t have to.